Our Story

I.She.Me.Her.We.Youwas envisioned back in 2006 by then college student and Dancer/Model Tysha. At that time it was Tysha's way of assisting her in remembering phonetically how to say 'I love you" in Japanese (Aishiteru.)  She was becoming quite fluent in the language and admirable of the culture and their mutual admiration for hers. 

In 2017 I.She.Me.Her.We.You took it's 1st steps. LOVE was always there, then came the unity aspects of all pronouns joining forces and fast forward to now, with the culture slang of it all joining the party.  'She.Me.Her' is used in 3rd person statements as a definite these days.  I.She.Me.Her.We.You was once again met by some obstacles and halted production.

Fast forward to 2020 with all its' challenges and blessings Tysha, got back to the drawing board of it all continuing to grow and evolve the vision. Its' taken a village for this journey. To be that for others is LOVE.