I.She.Me.Her.We.You Label

I.She.Me.Her.We.You.(say that fast 3X!) Is a label over 7 years in the making. A unifying lifestyle brand birthed from our truest state, LOVE! IU is a LA born lifestyle brand with global appeal. The brands name pays homage to the founders' love and adoration for Japanese culture and how she learned phonetically to pronounce her favorite word “Aishiteru,” which means I love you in Japanese. IU label has expansive ideas in fashion trends and desires to elaborate on those creative ideas as the brand grows. Encouraging everyone to make a conscious effort together.
~Everything starts with 'I' and ends with 'U'~


Our mission is to be a brand with a beacon of inspiration for all who encounter us. Our founder/Creator, Tysha is big on philanthropy and humanitarian calls to action. A portion of profits will be allotted to several of her involved causes. Mental health, Women and children wellness , environmental sustainability and entrepreneurial education are big heartstrings for her and in large part connection with the brand.